Writing & Technology

Don’t get me wrong…

…I have nothing against pens, pencils and old notebook paper–or their staunch defenders for that matter. I just happen to be one of those tech-happy teenagers who merely enjoy the SPEED at which we can get projects done using modern technology (yep, the truth comes out. We do hide behind the pretext of being ECO-FRIENDLY but that’s all it usually is–a pretext).

With technology, you can get your spelling and grammar AUTOMATICALLY CORRECTED and you don’t have to estimate the number of words in your 200 page document by taking the average number of words in a line and multiplying it by the number of lines (or however the process goes). Automatic WORD COUNT does it all for you.

Now, suppose I cut my fingers while trying to peel my favourite apple. Will I have to type with one hand for several days? Nope. WORD DICTATION technology is my lifesaver. With a mic and word processor, I can literally speak my documents into existence … (and edit later).

Need to format a document quickly? Nothing beats Microsoft Word‘s Style Sets for me. Just click on the style you like and … voila. A professional looking document without taking an amateur’s amount of time.

I really could go on, but I think you get the point. Technology isn’t all bad–in fact, it can get your book on the press a LOT faster. Pencil and paper are cool, but technology is even cooler. 😉