Writing Songs

I love writing songs.

There’s something thrilling in the whole process–something I can’t quite explain.

I’ve written at least 10 songs in my life and there are always more melodies playing in my mind, just waiting to be captured and refined. There’s something I’ve learned about songwriting, and it is this: it doesn’t matter whether you start with a melody and put words to it, or start with words and put a melody to it.

It’s fun and fascinating either way.

You may find one method works better for you than the other. That’s okay. You may be like me–both methods work equally well for you. That’s okay too. The goal is to have a song that you (or a friend) can sing to your heart’s delight. How you come up with it doesn’t matter as much as the end result.

As you set out to write a song, you may find it easiest to start by writing a poem, and then set those words to a melody. Many songs are actually poems set to music, so if you have a poetic streak, half the battle is won. If you’re poetic AND musically minded, it’ll likely be a piece of cake. But if you’re neither, don’t lose heart. Not all songs are poems, and not all songwriters are music-literate. Follow your heart. Write the words that come to mind, and hang on to the melodies that float around in your head. You can always re-arrange the words to flow more smoothly for singing, and you can always hum the tune to someone with a musical background who will help you refine the melody.

All it takes is a drop of inspiration and a pound of determination.