Developing a writing style

Developing a writing style takes time. If you’re a new writer, you may have to play around with different types and ways of writing before you find the ones that you enjoy and that work for you. Be prepared to write a few pieces that fall flat–that is, don’t get much stir, even though you thought they were awesome! It’s bound to happen, so just smile and move on.

Start with shorter pieces that you can finish in a relatively short period of time. That way, you won’t become discouraged and burn out before you finish your first piece. Even if it’s just a poem, a short story, or articles at first–anything that will keep you practicing and also prepare you for larger projects, like books.

Also, remember that the style you eventually develop will be unique. Don’t try to imitate another writer’s style 100%. You’ll either get frustrated, or end up plagiarizing. Not good either way. Allow your own style to spring up from your life, your experiences and your personality.