About Kim


I’m the kind of girl that you wonder about from across the room.

Is she shy? Or just too bougie for the rest of us? Well, sometimes it is one, sometimes it’s the other. Most times, it’s both.

Hi, my name is Kim-Lee. I used to hate my name for a while growing up, but then I realized that it sets me apart in a good way, and from then on, this black girl wore that Asian name with all the pride there is.

I’m from Canada, born and raised in Toronto, which you might actually know about thanks to Drake. Like every true Canadian, I love maple syrup, the Raptors and the Leafs. But for me, “home” is and will always be in the beautiful island of Jamaica. There, it’s always warm, someone is always singing, and guys will sing songs to you on the street if they think you’re pretty.

I’m 22 and still figuring out this whole thing called life. We’re all mostly winging it. Experience helps, mentorship helps. There are a lot of ways to get better at playing the game.

It’s a still game thought. Equal parts chance and strategy.

But, as Louis Pasteur said, “chance favors the prepared mind.”

Jane-of-all-trades is how a lot of people describe me because I’m good at a lot of things. But I see myself first and foremost as a writer. My world isn’t complete without words in it. Though I am often quiet, when I do talk, there are so many words you can get lost in them. I always have a lot to say, even when I’m not saying anything, and my thoughts swirl around in my head until I either get them out on paper, or I get a headache.

Sometimes both.

I created this blog for two reasons. One, I do actually enjoy writing for the fun of it. Second, it’s to combine the 5 or 6 blogs I was trying to run separately before. I cover all my topics here in one place.

Efficiency, you know.