21 traits of successful people

Success doesn’t have to be money and a mansion. It can mean whatever you want it to mean for you. Question: are you letting someone else tell you what it means to be successful? Well, then I’m sorry but you’re losing. Define your own success and you’ll be happy when you achieve it.

That said, I’ve come up with 21 things that successful people do have in common.

For one, they’re (1) curious. They notice the world around them and ask why. They learn how things work, and why approach won’t be better than the other. They’re also (2) helpful and are always looking out for the good of others, as well as themselves.  Being (3) thoughtful isn’t just an act for them —  they truly wish to see others succeed as much as they do. Their (4) persistence is a great motivator for the people they influence every day, and if they choose to share their knowledge, you can’t quite help but notice how (5) patient they are as they speak.

They are probably that way due to the (6) resilience they developed from failing time and time again in trying to reach their goals. Of course, no one likes the feeling of failure but successful people know how to stay (7) calm despite their disappointment. They are (8) cooperative with others who have alternate ideas for how to do better next time, thanks to their (9) adventurous spirit that won’t ever let them keep searching for the right path.

When they are low on energy, they become (10) reflective, taking the time to ensure that their thinking is focused and their ways of doing things are (11) balanced. Successful people have to be (12) strong but they know how to use this strength in ways that are (13) kind and yet, still show their (14) fearless nature. To accomplish everything they set out to do, they must learn to be (15) strategic and (16) resourceful, using everything at their disposal to make the best decisions they can in any situation.

To develop a good strategy requires having information, experience, and a vision. Successful people always have a bit of (17) visionary in them, and they keep an open, (18) inquiring mind. They are always (19) alert, taking in everything around them. This habit of being so (20) observant, along with everything else listed here, is what makes truly successful people great (21) leaders in their homes and communities.


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