So, Bleach is my favorite anime. Why?

First of all, let me just say that I’ve barely scratched the surface of the anime world. I have no clue about most of what’s out there, and it’s going to take me the next couple years to come anywhere close to catching up.

But, a girl can still have a favorite, right?

That would be Bleach.

Rukia – Image source:

Rukia is a girl after my own heart. She’s very devoted to her work and take a lot of pride in who she is. The little conversations she has with herself throughout the day give a lot of insight into who she really is, as she can leave a rather intimidating first impression.

She’s determined, tends to wear a lot of dark-colored clothing, and is quite focused on getting her work done. Straightforward too. No one can distract her.

No one, that is, except that eccentric boy with crazy hair.

Ichigo – Image source:

Ichigo starts out in the show as your typical high school teenager …except for one thing.

This guy can see ghosts and spiritual beings. Which means, he can see Rukia…who isn’t actually human. She just looks that way since she gets around in a gigai.

Ichigo, though? He’s stolen my heart. He’s passionate and wild, but doesn’t quite always think about what he’s doing before he does it. Fortunately, though, his intuition and instincts more than make up for his lack of deep thought and strategic planning.

He seems to be in love …or something close to love …with Orihime, a soft-spoken beauty who definitely has the hots for him, though she will never, ever admit it. What I love most about her is her motherly vibe. For a girl who grew up most of her life without a mother, she seems to have nailed

Orihime – Image source: caption

the act very well. I’m noticing throughout the show that despite her struggles to verbalize any of her feelings, she shows her love for Ichigo in very quiet, unassuming ways. I really think she is a Virgo, and I doubt that Ichigo, who I suspect is a Leo, realizes how much she really loves him because her methods are lowkey, and he is a man of passion–more likely to notice a grand gesture.

I feel like Rukia has that Scorpio energy that helps keep Ichigo from spending too much time in a fantastical bubble. She plunges him into a world of deeper thoughts and intensity, molding him into a more effective version of his already dynamic and fearless self. Oriheme minds the little things, finding ways to analyze who he is, his background, and his likes and desires. She quietly harvests information from a variety of sources and uses it to make the little improvements to his world that he might not notice right away, but that–taken all together–make an overall positive impact on his life.

Kon – Image source:

Then there’s Kon. That bastard. -_- I hated him in the human form, but as a stuffed animal, he is simply delightful and gives the show some much-needed comic relief from the more intense themes.


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  1. Karandi says:

    Bleach is awesome. Even after many 100’s of shows, Bleach is still amongst my favourite. Admittedly, a direct comparison of it to other series leaves it looking a little silly sometimes, but the nostalgia is strong with Bleach and I just remember how much fun it was to watch the first time. Besides, without Bleach, I probably wouldn’t have become the anime fan I am today. Thanks for sharing your reasons for enjoying it.


    1. Kim-Lee Patterson says:

      Hey Karandi,

      I agree! I tried to get into anime many times before, but watching Bleach is what really made me come to love the whole genre. You’re right, it does pale a little in comparison to others, lol, but it will probably stay my favorite forever. Glad you liked my lil review on it!

      Liked by 1 person

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