I love a good biography

I have always loved stories. Especially true stories.

Since I was a little girl, there was just this part of me that always wanted to know where everyone was coming from. I loved listening to family members, teachers, and just about anyone tell me what their lives where like as children, teenagers, and even their lives as they were living it right then and there.

I still do. So it’s probably not a surprise that biographies are one of my favorite reading genres. They always tell a story, and it fascinates me how a writer can take something as large as a person’s whole life and summarize it into a couple hundred pages. Writing someone else’s biography has to be a daunting task. I mean, how easy would it be to give the wrong impressions or get the facts wrong!

Usually biographies are written about famous people. But, you know, I think we all should write about our lives at some point. There may not be much benefit to hiring a writer, but that’s why we have the autobiography. Who better to tell your story than you? You lived it. It’s yours. You were there for everything that happened and no one will ever be able to capture it quite like the way you will.

One day I like to write my story. Probably not everything, but definitely the major turning points. Even if no one ever reads it but me for a long time, I think looking back at how far you’ve really come is just satisfying all on its own. It’s easy to undervalue yourself and your achievements because you’re used to them. You follow yourself around everywhere and get used to the memories of everything you’ve done and just don’t think you’re all that anymore.

But that’s just what you and I may think.

There are others out there who admire you and are inspired by your life. They haven’t experienced your journey, so it’s fresh and can even be motivating. I really think sitting down to write out your own biography can be like stepping out of your own body for a moment and looking at yourself from the outside, as if you’re somebody else. That would be a good way to find reasons to appreciate yourself again, especially if you’ve been feeling down and forgotten just how amazing and beautiful you really are.


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  1. Ares . Three says:

    Biography / Autobiography / Memoir are where its at! I find it hard reading anything else.

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    1. Kim-Lee Patterson says:

      Oh, gosh, yes. I love losing myself in other people’s stories. Movies are good, but books can so into so much more detail and it’s amazing. I’m surprised I haven’t been accidentally locked in a library yet. Lol.

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      1. Ares . Three says:

        Much like yourself, I too love losing myself in someone’s story. You have their whole life in your hand; pretty cool!

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