Kim’s Pick: Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Edge Control

Hey hey hey! This one is for my kinky and curly girls. So unlike most non-women-of-color, our hairlines tend to be curly and free. They don’t usually lie down, and you know something? There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I like having healthy hair and healthy edges, so I smooth them with a little water and my hands, and go about my day.

Now, sometimes… now and then, a sleek look is cool. Nothing wrong with that either. However, my edges do not like to cooperate. And why should they? Like me, they don’t like restrictions. I’ve tried a few brands of edge control waxes and gels with varying levels of success. But the other day when I went to Clore’s Beauty Supply to pick up a few items, and I got a sample jar of Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control with my purchase.olive oil edge control

I won’t lie. The skepticism was real at first. After trying a bunch of edge control products, I didn’t think this would turn out any differently. But, it was free, so why not.

Went home, put it on the shelf for like two weeks.

Until one day, I woke up, and just felt like laying the baby hairs. They were being particularly unruly, and I didn’t have time for the water, toothbrush and a silk scarf trick.

I remembered the little jar of edge control. Took it up, shrugged and said, “Well, here goes nothing, baby.”

Dabbed a little along my hairline, brushed it in and WOW. Sleek edges. Had no clue they could even look like that. No lie, I immediately missed my million little curls along the edges, but this could work.

Questions was: would it last?

I left to catch my bus and forgot about it. 9 hours later, as I was leaving my shift, I glanced in the mirror. Sure I had sweated it out a little, but it still looked fire. The shit actually held up to me walking up and down all night.

And it still felt soft (that NEVER happens with ecostyler gel …gets crunchy af and all I want to do is wash it out).

That said, you can’t layer this, so you will need to wash it out of your hairline before reapplying. But it does work for the time you have it in.



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