Kim’s Pick: I found it! Rimmel’s Professional Eyebrow Pencil

Remember the post I did last week about the Colorstay Brow Pencil by Revlon? As you might remember, I didn’t like that product very much and only tried it because I couldn’t find my beloved favorite eyebrow pencil for months.

Well, today I found it and am I SO happy. It’s the Professional Eyebrow Pencil by Rimmel. I use the dark brown shade and it looks perfect. Black was always too dark in any brand, and most of the “dark brown” shades have tried turned out to have either been a bit too close to black or so light that it makes no different on my brows. Rimmel’s shade is perfect, which is they this brow pencil is a staple in my makeup kit.

Thankfully, they were on sale, so I bought two for good measure.

One of my favorite things about this pencil is the texture. It doesn’t put on too much color at a time, so you can fill with a very natural looking finish. You won’t throw out your wrist filling in light or patchy areas with faux hairs, so no need for the heavy hand on the color to hide those areas anymore.

I like that because it keeps you looking groomed and feminine without taking it into the t potentially “scary” or “intimidating” realm. Unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for.

My camera isn’t cooperating to take nice pictures, so I’ll add some later on.

One more thing I love about this brand? The pencil comes with that brush on the cap. To me, it’s a good brush. Very full and gets at everything. It does a great job of separating hairs and blending them with the color. And you can use it to run along and line the edges if you’d like. Works amazing for that too.




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  1. I love this pencil, I use it loads! great post ❤

    Could you please check out my page?❤


    1. Kim-Lee Patterson says:

      Hey girl, thanks! Yeah, it’s the best right? Sure, I’ll check your page out, would love to. 🙂


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