How to drink more water when you don’t really like water.

I was grocery shopping the other day, and this tiny blue bottle of liquid caught my eye. At first, I thought it was food coloring, but I was in the beverage aisle, so that didn’t make sense. Didn’t have anything better to do, so I put my hand cart down and took up the bottle. “Dasani Drops” it said.

“The hell is this,” I mumbled to myself. Eventually, I realized it was a flavor enhancer. You put a couple drops in your water bottle and the whole thing would come alive. I looked up at all the flavours available, and –I hate to say it–I was SOLD.

I won’t lie: water isn’t my favorite beverage in the world (coffee is). Now, I DO know that the human body is, what …like 80% water? So not drinking it really isn’t an option. If you’re mostly made up of water and you sweat it out everyday, then you’ll need to drink more to replace it.

The thing is, most of the water available to me doesn’t taste good. Dasani and Aquafina are actually the only brands I look forward to drinking because of their pure, clear taste. But most of the others taste heavy and tap water to me tastes more like heavily diluted bleach. My stomach (seems to) handle it just fine, but my tongue doesn’t, and it makes me less than consistent with my water drinking.

I’ve tried to find creative ways to combat my under-drinking before. I’ve tried filling 2 liter bottles with water and challenging myself to finish it before the end of the workday.

Then I started squeezing half a lemon in them, to help cut the taste and make me want to drink more often.

Then I started cutting down on the amount of straight water and splitting the recommended daily intake of 8 cups (64 oz) between a 1 liter bottle of lemon water and 1 liter of tea (no milk, no sugar) in two thermos jars. That did help, but either way, I tended to fall off the routine completely on my days off when I wasn’t at work.

Enter juice drops (as I like to call them). Now, I actually kinda feel excited about drinking water. I know they aren’t the best thing in the world from a health perspective, but I do use the fewest number of drops possible to alter the taste of the water. It add just enough fruity sweetness to take that metallic edge of most water brands, and now I don’t feel like it’s such a chore to keep up my intake.

Have you tried these? (Doesn’t matter which brand). How do you feel about the idea? I’d love to hear your comments.

dasani drops
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