Why Women Love Being Written To …

Some of the most beautiful writing I have ever read, came from people who were not even writers at all. I have always enjoy being written to. By that, I don’t mean everyday text messages. I mean those moments when out of the blue, you receive a lengthy, heartfelt email, or better yet, a handwritten letter. It means a lot to me to know that someone took a chunk of their day and devoted it entirely to doing something to make me smile.

As a woman, I enjoy knowing that someone considers me special. One of the reasons women hate players is because they say the same words and do the same things over and over to a long line of females all the time. The words and actions of guys like that will be cheap and meaningless to her when she finds out that none of it meant only for her at that time.

For this, and other reasons, women love to be written to. For men who live by the concept of #WasteHerTime, letters of any kind require more thought and patience then they are willing to spend on any one female. Although there may the odd exception, most men are fairly uncomplicated. If they truly care, they will come up with ways to show you, that they wouldn’t be caught dead doing otherwise — letter writing included.

No matter how she acts, or what she looks like, every woman has an inner princess somewhere inside of her that wants to be told and shown just how special she is. And for the man who may not have been blessed with all the charm, or a singing voice or dancing legs, writing is a wonderful way for him to show his lady just how much he loves her and is willing to step out of his comfort zone to make her happy.


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