Kim’s Pick: Rimmel “Oh My Gloss” Lip Gloss Review

One thing I love about lip gloss? It makes your lips so so pretty without leaving a tell-tale mess on everything.

You know, like lipstick does. (Sigh).

Though I’ve tried a few brands in the past, my favourite just has to bethe “Oh My Gloss” line by Rimmel.  With over 15 shades to choose from, you definitely have options.

I usually use #340 (Captivate Me) which is a sort of dusty rose-pink. Fits well with my dual-toned lips, which can be a little tricky to find gloss for at times. That gloss neutralizes the difference in color surprisingly well.

Kim-Lee P
Here you can see me wearing #340 (Captivate Me) of Rimmels “Oh My Gloss” lip gloss line.

I find these glosses work well both by themselves, and also as a protective seal over my satin and matte lipsticks…which I tend to eat from the inner lip out (what can I say, I’m a lip biter).

The tube boasts a 6 hour wear time …and you know what? It’s actually true. That’s one of the things I like about this gloss. I can apply it at 7am and it’s still fresh by lunch. Of course, I’d reapply after eating anyway, so the timing is great!

Buying more than one of these shades can be great when you want a gloss for different occasions. For example, I had the bright red #500 (Ooh La La) for whenever I wanted the classic red look without the pain of putting on ..and KEEPING on …actual red lipstick (did I mention I eat it?) There is also #520 (Rebel Red) which is a tat deeper and also great for the classic look.

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The other shades are all various kinds of pink and brown, so you won’t have a problem finding one to match your lip tone. And if you like your lips exactly the way they are and simply want to show off their natural coloring, there is even #800 (Crystal Clear) which is exactly that: a clear, shining gloss.

This gloss is good for sprucing up your look, even on your dress down days. You don’t need full-face make up with it, just some mascara and gloss and you’re good to go. You can apply it in layers depending on how much shine you want, and it blots well, in case you don’t want the high gloss look.


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