Kim’s Pick: Maybelline FitMe! Liquid Foundation Review


The prices at Sephora irk me, so I didn’t give up searching for a suitable drugstore foundation until I found one that would work. I’m right on the borderline of skin complexions, so although it was hard, I found a brand and shade of liquid foundation that works perfectly for me.

After lots of trial and error (and giving away the wrong shade matches to friends and siblings), I figured out that my magical foundation match is #330 (Toffee) of Maybelline’s FitMe! brand.

maybelline 330 2

I specifically get the formula for normal to oily skin, and top it off with a matching powder. There are several things I like about this liquid foundation.

For one, it blends extremely well with my skin, and I don’t need a lot to get smooth coverage. People can’t even tell I’m wearing foundation, as it glides on like a second skin, rather than like a layer. It covers minor skin discolorations and imperfections very well, and also does a good job of concealing mild cases of dark circles around the eyes.

Its matte finish also helps avoid the oily look that sometimes comes with going barefaced.

I also liked that it resists smearing. That isn’t to say you should bury your face deeply into your boyfriend’s white shirt (it will leave brown dust), but I’ve found that it sets well enough for you to be able to touch your face or lay down somewhere without leaving thick, oily patches of brown stuff everywhere and all over your hands.

You can apply it to your face with a sponge or brush, but I usually use my hands, as it works very well that way!

Though I’d recommended always moisturizing your face before using any kind of foundation or face powders, I’ve found that the FitMe! liquid foundations are actually not very drying on their own. I’m not entirely sure of the facts, but I did see somewhere where someone did an experiment with different foundation brands and found that FitMe! has a rather high moisture content compared to other brands.

So that could be another plus. I know whenever I’ve been in a pinch and didn’t have moisturizer for my face after washing it, applying the foundation to my clean, dry face alone didn’t feel too drying at all.

maybelline 330 powderI’d also like to talk a bit about the powder. Like the foundation, it doesn’t sit too heavily on your face. In fact, I’ve often used it alone without the foundation for days when I want to stay more on the make-up free side. It’s perfect for improving the matte finish of stubborn areas like your nose or forehead, and I like to use it set the stage for a bit of colored eyeliner or eyeshadow as well.

The price point is amazing in my area, costing less than $10 CAD at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, and the 30ml jar typically lasts me about 2 month with light daily use.



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