Sometimes when I don’t feel like going home, I go and kick it with my best friend. In my mind, he is the anime god — there is no series he hasn’t watched, or at least already heard of. He’s the reason I got into anime in the first place, because it was either that or I would have to keep staring like a deer in highlights when he rambles on about it.

So far I’m liking One Piece, One Punch Man, and I enjoyed Hunter x Hunter for a while…until it just got too dark and sad for my liking (what with the chimera ants and all). However, I was half-asleep in his couch the other day and noticed him watching an anime that looked like it was a good mix of humor and fighting (my favorite kinds).

Out of one eye, I followed the captions and realized I kinda liked Gin (the lead character) and was more than curious about the half-ghost, half-penguin looking thing that followed around another character named Katsura (who Gin refuses to stop referring to as “Zura”).

I asked my friend what the name of that anime was, and he was like, “Oh! You wanna watch this Kimi? It’s Gintama. If you actually do end up watching it, let me know. I’d like to discuss it with someone.”

I work nights, so there are times when nothing at all happens for several hours. I watched 7 episodes straight last night, and I’m hooked. More hooked than I got on One Punch Man (which was my favorite up til yesterday).

Imagine my dismay when I realized that I’m like 200-something episodes behind though…

Sigh. I’m always behind. Sometimes I wish I had gotten into anime a lot sooner, but we all start somewhere.

But anyway. About the show…

I love how carefree Gin is about everything. Except his SUPER annoying habit of blaming most of his interpersonal problems on his “naturally wavy hair.” Lol. But in general he just has this “let’s see what happens” approach to life that has never been familiar to me — a socially anxious introvert who probably has a developing case of OCD.

There is something about free-spirited people I find so attractive, so I think Gin will have my attention long enough for me to actually go through with a marathon of this anime series.

But it’s not just him. There is a fiery alien redhead named Kagura who reminds me a bit of myself — sharp-tongued and stubborn. She’s amazing, though a bit naive at time and prone to fight before she thinks of a less violent way of handling situations.

Ah well, what can I say. Took me a while to learn that skill myself.

The third member of the leading character trio is Shinpachi. I really can’t stand him, he is always either timid and spineless or an overreacting, explosive grump. Plus he worries far too much about trying to fix everything and everyone else. I probably hate him because he reminds me of myself too, but not in a good way lol.

I’m going to see if I can mow through episode 8-20 tonight. Let’s see how it goes.


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