Someone once told me that soca and carnival music is for “stush, uptown, bougie Jamaican.”

Okay then, guilty as charged?

I’ve never been a huge dancehall fan and that’s simply because I hate the overtly dark, sexual tone of most modern dancehall music. Much of it is downright disrespectful and though I have nothing against men calling out to a girl they find attractive, I do think the tone in which it’s done is important.

Soca music just has a very happy and light aspect to it that I like. It doesn’t sound as disrespectful most of the time, and the lyrics are more appreciative of a woman’s beauty in an awestruck, admiring manner, rather than the derogatory, hit and run feel of the whole dancehall genre.

Just my opinion, feel free to rant in the comments. I’ll read them all, even if I don’t respond.

For me, everyday is a carnival day. My playlists have all kinds of Machel Montano, Kes, Destra, Timaya, Sanko, Bunji Garlin, and Kerwin Dubois in them, to name a few. Alison Hinds gives me life with Roll It Gal, because YES I’m going to roll both butt and eye and gyaan like mi better than all the other gyal dem.

‘Cause I am. Naturally.

Perhaps not the best dancer and a terrible singer but you’ll still find me on the road wherever soca is playing because I’m there to fete, not impress.

There are so many amazing events coming up in Toronto this summer and I haven’t decided which ones I want to go to yet, but I’m not missing Caribana for the world. Missed it last year and that wasn’t cool.

Here’s my favorite mix of the week. Enjoy!

DJ Private Ryan – Soca Brainwash 2017


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