Yes, I like manga.

I’m no veteran, so don’t ask me what chapter of One Piece I’m on, please. Simply too embarrassed to tell you. Further along in One Punch Man than I’d ever thought I would be, and have yet to make much headway with Bleach and Shokugeki Nou Souma. To name some. I never made it far in Naruto — that one failed to grab me the way it apparently caught everyone else.

But, I digress…

Funny looks and open-mouthed stares are typically the response I get from people when I say that I like manga and anime.

Why, is it so shocking that a black woman can be into something other than Love and Hip Hop?

I guess so.

Back in the day, I thought manga was the life force of Asian nerds who never left their basements for months at a time. That shameful little thought sprouted from my lack of education on what manga really is. My best friend hates when I describe it as “Japanese comics” but that’s essentially what it is. And I don’t see where it’s deserving of any more ridicule than, say, a classic like Archie.

I find the storylines to be much deeper and more compelling than the comics that we’re all used to, and personally I crave depth. Superficial things bore me to tears and in manga I find the perfect cross between having fun and exploring deep themes at the same time. One Punch Man in particular. I’m struck by Saitama’s development. He reminds me a lot of myself … determined, confident (usually), constantly flipping between carefree and careful, and probably not being exactly organized in his approach to solving problems! I enjoy seeing him continue to become stronger, but hate that he isn’t ever properly recognized for his efforts.


This stuff is exciting. I even downloaded the Manga Rock app to my phone (at a friend’s suggestion) so I can keep reading on the go. There are so many to choose from and I sadly have this habit of needing to finish one or two things before moving to another. I do need to start on Bleach though, as I plan on cosplaying as Orihime Inoue at Anime North this year, and I’d like to have a good grasp for the character.

And yes, I know it’s only cosplay and not acting. But that’s the closest I’m going to get…

Anime is also something I’m becoming quite fond of, though my commitment to reading will always be stronger than my desire to watch anything. Blue Exorcist was an anime I definitely enjoyed, and I loved The Seven Deadly Sins as well. There’s so much to see that I feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes, but on the bright side, I’ll never run out of things to watch in that genre.



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