Hey, ghetto girl.

You thought you hid it all so well, but–oh, yeah–there it is

In your face like an old rash

The one that cream was supposed to nix for good

I just think that no amount of history should stop you from tossing rose petals along your own path

For better or worse, for richer or poorer,

You’re never the same as you were yesterday

Don’t act like it

So you used to be a little too tight with the bottle

Some crazy ex threatening to expose it all — yeah, that video, you know what I’m talking about.

The struggle to walk, the fall — damn lady, dress way too short! Just baring it all.

I’m pretty sure someone told you not to wear those heels, girl – did you have to really?

But I digress.

Shit happens. You’re a little different now.

The heels have come down a notch, and so has your hemline

But that image, man, it’s still hanging around.

You’re tired of being known as “insert-name-here from the block”

But every time you try to change the brothers be laughing in your face

Because they know — your name is right in there with the others in their black book

C’mon girl, that’s spilt milk now, no use crying about it.

All the bougie girls you used to shake your ass at

Calling them stuck up and boring

Hell, you’re trying to be one of them now, because you’ve messed up

This thing called image

It’s a hell of a thing

I’d like to tell you it’s totally okay to fully do you the way you want to do you

And maybe, in a way, it is.

But lady, listen up.

I’m only going to say this once.

Next time I’ll be yelling it from out my window.

We’re never going to have a world where it’s okay to do whatever you want

Society has these things called rules, you see.

And no matter how stupid some of them are, girl you have just got to learn which ones are legit

And which ones are straight up foolishness

I’m sure you’ll figure it out sooner or later

But here’s a tip to get you going

Live like you’re always on camera and your life is a stage

Skeletons fall out of closets

Eggs off of walls

Bones are dug out of gardens

And people suck, that is all.


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