The best way to be in business …for authors.

YouTube is a gold mine of information, and I want to share a motivating video by Trent Drysmid that I watched this morning. It’s called “How to Start a Business with No Money.” That title made your ears perk up, didn’t it? As writers and authors, you have a tough product to sell. There is no shortage of books out there, and someone has probably written on your topic, and maybe even used your title before. The key to you succeeding in selling your book is to simply get out there and sell it. You will find every method that doesn’t work, but that’s the only way you’re going to find the one (or two) methods that do work for you. Remember Edison and the lightbulb? That invention was his 1000th attempt. I bet you haven’t tried 10 approaches yet. Enjoy this video and comment your ideas on ways you can market and sell your books to your target readers.


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