3 reasons to self-publish a paperback.

Authors who self-publish ebooks exist all over the place. It’s as simple as turning a manuscript into a PDF, EPUB or MOBI file and uploading to an ebook distributor of some kind.

Publishing a paperback isn’t quite so simple. However, the rewards are worth the effort. Here’s why.

No matter how technological our world becomes, there are some things that technology will never compare to. Curling up in bed with a Kindle reader isn’t the same as having a book with pages that turn and don’t dry your eyes out.

Plus, buying a book is often an emotional purchase, and part of the experience is having a physical product in your hands at the end of the day.

My own books, From Pit To Palace, sold more copies as a paperback than it did as an ebook. How many more? Well, I was 17 when I published and printed in December, and I printed 50 copies. I wanted to see what would happen. I also created an ebook version and listed that for sale also. By February, I had sold 40 paperback copies, given away 2 and had 8 remaining. However, I had only sold a single copy of the ebook version in all that time.

This isn’t to say that ebooks aren’t worth publishing. They definitely can be. But paperbacks are not only perceived to be more valuable to the reader, they are also harder to copy, are more profitable, and are easier to sell with the right author platform and strategy.


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