How To Use Social Media To Get Noticed as a Writer

Your works will not see the light of day if you don’t put them out there. As a writer, you’ll have to toot your own horn, at least in the beginning. You’ll need to get out there and show people what you know. I’m not suggesting that you hand out copies of your 60,000 word novel to the mailman and the homeless guy on the corner. I’m suggesting you get on social media.

Social networking and promotion go hand in hand like an old couple. Social networks include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and the list goes on. Choose what platforms work for you, then decide what and how you’re going to share.

Here are some tips for various networks:

1. Facebook. Use Facebook to share your blog posts and YouTube videos, and to drive traffic to your website. You also have the option of starting a page or a group which is super

2. Twitter: Use Twitter to start conversations with other authors, in plain view of potential buyers and publishing agents, or other sources of promotion.

3. Instagram: Show off your style and social life with Instagram. Take pictures with other authors, doing community work, in bookstores, etc.

4. LinkedIn: Complete your LinkedIn profile and show the world that you’re ready to speak at an event, teach a writing class, or that you’re holding a book signing. It can also definitely help you find other writers who may have great information you can take advantage of.

Write like mad, then try these outlets.  Promote, promote, promote. Establish yourself as someone who writes.

Just be creative. That’s all I ask.

Happy Writing!


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  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise! and commented:
    As Kim-Lee Patterson says – promote, Promote PROMOTE on every available media – (including blogs like mine) 😀


  2. Annette Rochelle Aben says:

    This is terrific! Just wrote a #1 Best Selling book on this very topic! Empowered Women of Social Media on Amazon Kindle! Keep sharing this message it is SO true!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beth Caplin says:

    I definitely use these, but I think Twitter has been the most helpful since post visibility on Facebook is not always reliable.


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