How Often Should Writers Take Breaks?

We writers tend to underestimate the power of the break.

Glued to our computers for hours on end, we type incessantly, afraid to move for even a second lest we break the spell of deep thought. On and on we write, until our fingers grow stiff and our eyes droop and turn crimson Still, we press on… ’til in exasperation our brains take matters into their own hands and fire the shot we all hate: writer’s block.

And you just have to hope it isn’t severe enough to cripple your writing arm for too long.

To work most effectively, you have to give your mind some time to recharge. If you’re mulling over your story and can’t figure out how to write that line, don’t sweat over it for an hour–get up and do something else!

You may be shocked to find after a 10 minute break that the perfect solution comes as easily as songs to a bird.

Happy Writing, and remember to take a break!


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  1. For me I like to take at least a five minute break for every half hour that I am writing, plotting or brainstorming. That way I have an easy way to clear my mind and to refocus my thoughts onto the task at hand.


    1. Kim-Lee Patterson says:

      Oh my word. So sorry, I never saw this! Good point, I like to do that as well. What do you do during the break?


      1. Weather permitting I go for a bit of a walk. It gives me a chance to clear my mind so I don’t stress/freak myself out and it also gives me a chance to stretch so I don’t get cramped from sitting for too long. If it’s the middle of the night or the weather is bad I lie down on my bed and catnap. I get migraines if I sit at my computer too long so just shutting my eyes for a few minutes really helps. How about you?


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