Is it okay to work in a mess?

If you’re a neat person, working in a mess will make it so hard for you to concentrate.

It’s okay to eat at your desk if you have something important to finish, but do pick up the plate, napkin and utensils when you’re finished and leave your desk clear.

Making notes? Get a notebook so the leaves can stay in one place. People who like organization can’t function well with paper everywhere in drawers, under the table, in corners and on the floor. You don’t need a paper trail to find your way back to your office from the bathroom.

Clothes? Don’t dump them all in the room where you do your writing. Fold them up. Put them away.

Got dust? Grab the vacuum and get rid off it. Open the window. You need fresh air to get your brain going. (Oxygen, remember?)
If you’re one of those people who thrive in organized disorganization, disregard all of this and jump into the pile of this week’s laundry with a notepad.

At the end of the day, it’s whatever works for you. Right?


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    1. Kim-Lee Patterson says:

      Love that response. ;D

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