3 Ways to Fix Writing That Doesn't Flow

It’s not uncommon to write the first chapter of a book, and then to compare it with the last chapters several weeks later and wonder if you fell asleep and kept typing. I think it happens to every writer. And not just with books: it can happen with a short story, or even an article.

So how do you fix that? Here are three tips:

1. Don’t worry about it while you’re writing.

There is a time and place for corrections and review, and that is the editing phase.

2. When editing, don’t be afraid to rearrange.

Take entire paragraphs and move them around. Try different combinations and see what flows the best.

3. Read your work out loud.

You would be amaze how much different your work sounds read aloud. Read your work to yourself or someone else, and fix all the areas that seem out of place.

You’ll be glad when it’s over and your masterpiece shines with clarity and power. =)


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  1. vicki jones says:

    Thanks for the helpful hints! It is easy to get overwhelmed when it seems like the flow of your writing is impaired. But these tips will definitely reduce being overwhelmed for sure!


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