How To Get REAL Followers on Twitter

You’re a fashion designer. Your styles command the runway. 

So you tweet about it. No one cares. Your follower count is low and engagement is non-existent. You’ve tried everything. Your tweets are lively and interesting, and you put a lot of passion into what you say. Where is everyone?!

Today, we’re going to talk about getting real, quality Twitter followers.

Fashion designers, cafe owners, accountants and just about every other professional and business owner has run into this problem at some point. Funny thing is, it’s actually not that hard to get quality followers. Keeping them engaged is the hard part, but we’ll get into that in a future post.

Twitter is a lot like real life.

If you stand on the corner and talk into the air about yourself, few people will pay attention. They will likely even think you’re insane. If you strike up interesting, genuine conversations with others, however, you’ll be amazed how many of them will turn around and show MASSIVE interest in you. 

Get this right away: YOU have to make the first move.

To get great followers on Twitter, you’ll have to wear three hats:

  • Researcher
  • Explorer
  • Hunter

Let’s break those down.

1. Research who your ideal Twitter targets are.

Do you know who you’re really going after? If you’re catering to plus-size women, for example, there is no point in having mostly slim, petite girls as followers. You’ll be pushing content to the wrong crowd, and then we’ll have to say no wonder you’re not getting any feedback!

2. Explore the content of successful Twitter users.

So now you know who you’re looking to attract and talk to. Now, find the accounts of successful fashion designers in your area or industry, and look at what they are tweeting. Take note of the things they share, and how they respond to their followers. Think about incorporating new ideas into your current methods.

3. Hunt for new followers …and actually GET them.

So you’re in fashion design. Why are die-hard foodies and movie addicts among your few followers? Take those successful fashion designer accounts you looked at, and take a look at  the people who are following them. Make notes of the kinds of bios they write, what they tweet about, how they look. Then follow them. Talk to them. Go through their profiles and retweet things they say. Compliment them where you can. Show interest. Gosh, show interest. Make them feel like you took like out of your busy schedule just for them. Disappear for hours or even a couple of days and then come back and reply to them BY NAME. Share relevant interest content and be amazed at how the Golden Rule of Twitter works:

Retweet others, and they will retweet you.

Like. Comment. Share. Tomorrow’s post will be: “How To Brand Yourself and Be Genuine on Twitter”


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