8 Ways To Deal With Exam Stress

I’ll admit–writing an exam isn’t the most charming thing, and neither is it the writer’s favourite moment–however, there are ways to make it a whole lot easier, whether you’re a writer or not! Here are some pre-test tips to help you on your way …

  1. Study for only 30 to 40 minutes at a time, with 5-10 minute breaks in between.
  2. Do something light and/or nice during each break, to refresh your mind.
  3. Find the key points in relevant sections of the reading material to zero in on (as opposed to attempting the impossible feat of memorizing your whole textbook).
  4. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, then, learn what you need to know. Don’t waste valuable time going over the things you understand well–target the stuff you don’t get, and you just might pass the exam.
  5. Set up a revision timetable. Plan which subjects to study each day, and for how long. Make sure to take a day’s break once a week to keep your brain from overtaxing.
  6. Keep simple notes. Initially, notes may be complex, so boil these down to a few key points on an index card that you can glance at before the exam.
  7. Space out revision periods. Learning improves when you space out revision over longer intervals. Study your notes, review them, look at them the next day, then two days later. Increase the length of time between revision and decrease the amount of time spent on each.
  8. On exam day: stay calm. Focus on condensed notes. Read questions carefully. Plan answers for a couple of minutes before beginning.

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