How To Deal With Writing Distractions

Writers have the worst distraction ever: life. Unless you live away in the country, alone, with no family or friends, you will eventually be distracted.

And even alone, you have to clean up the house at some point, right?

Successful writers learn how to ignore distractions, one way or another. Some you can postpone, like social networking, unimportant phone calls, the stuffed garage yelling “clean me!” and others. Just sit down at the computer or in a comfy chair with your notebook and write. It’s the only way.

Other distractions cannot be ignored. Children are a perfect example. If they are too quiet, you can (usually correctly) assume that some mischief is going on. Check it out, before they have time to wreak further havoc. If they’re noisy, just ignore it and concentrate. If you hear howling, however, grab the Band-Aids and come to the rescue with feel-better-soon kisses for a bloody knee or burst lip. (sigh)

The house also needs attention, but not constantly. Stop using housework as an excuse. You don’t have to mop, vacuum and dust every single day, just don’t allow everything to take on a greyish hue before you do clean, or you’ll be too sick to write. 

Don’t worry about your desk if it’s slightly messy. If you keep trying to keep it pristine, you’ll have a perfect desk and no manuscript. If you have to wade through a sea of paper just to leave the room, however, then take an hour and get that cleared up.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. It is hard to just ignore things and get on with writing sometimes, but it’s always worth it! 🙂


    1. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

      Yup! Story of a writer’s life.


  2. Victoria Jones says:

    Yep! t is hard finding balance and still be productive with writing. I think another distraction are people who did not understand that you have to write! They pressure you to “just put down the pen” and have some fun. Yet, they do not understand, or should I say do not want to understand that this is who you are…A WRITER! And the wave of thoughts do not shut off.


  3. NA says:

    Writers** Not Writer’s*
    You have a writing and editing business, don’t let stupid errors like these slip through the cracks.


    1. Kim-Lee Patterson says:

      Thank you for picking that up NA, much appreciated.


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