Were you nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, but either HATE the idea of getting drenched in ice-cold, bone chilling water and refused, or fully intended to comply, but missed the 24-hour deadline?

Your Writing Lady and Elation Nation invites you to join us in going ICE FREE to raise $5,000 to donate to the ALS Association to help aid in funding research to find the cure for ALS (a.k.a Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

To participate, just go to our donation page and select one of the amount and reward levels we’ve listed, OR choose to donate an amount of your own. You will be rewarded for donating anything at all over $10.

If we can successfuly reach and pass our goal of $5000, we will send everyone who donated an extra gift IN ADDITION to any of the rewards you may be entitled to.

If you don’t know what ALS is, learn more about it here.

Your Writing Lady, as you know, offers writing, editing and coaching services to students, authors and entrepreneurs and Elation Nation provides fitness training and trigger point therapy. Both companies are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and are affiliated with YES (Youth Employment Services).

Donate today! @ http://www.gofundme.com/yourwritinglady


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