5 Reasons Why Your Resume Sucks

We’ve all created and submitted terrible resumes at least once. Those are the resumes that get tossed or shredded without a second glance.

Here’s what’s wrong with yours:

5. It’s crowded.

No ones stops to read a document with loads of text and no white space.

4. It’s unfocused.

You’ve listed your experience and a bunch of skills, but no one knows what your aim is.

3. It’s inconsistent.

You have multiple fonts, font sizes, and styles to write the date. Really?

2. It’s irrelevant.

You’re applying to an office job and list many details about your kitchen and construction experience. Relevance?

1. It’s long.

Unless you are an executive at a management level, you really don’t need a 2-3 page resume.

Does your resume have these or other problems?



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