Why I Think The Ice Bucket Challenge Makes No Sense

My heart goes out to the sufferers of ALS and I believe it is our human duty to do whatever we can to support them and figure out how to stop this terrible disease

Exactly how dumping buckets of ice water on our heads accomplishes this, I don’t know.

The aim is to raise money for research to develop treatments and find a cure. But I’m seeing too many people taking this challenge without having a clue about what it represents or why they are randomly dousing themselves in ice water besides to impress friends that they did it.

I would think it more productive to either volunteer in some productive way towards researching ways to combat ALS, or give a cash donation with less fanfare and more results.

My first impression of the ice bucket challenge was nothing close to what it was apparently intended to convey. All I saw was what seemed to be another time-killing joke just like the cinnamon challenge and other things bored people do for fun.

ALS is a serious condition and I believe any challenge or fundraiser associated with it should be respectful of that. Throwing a bucket of water over my head will do absolutely nothing to sooth the pain of ALS sufferers, but a contribution from my wallet to the people trying to find a cure is 1000% more likely to result in a good result for all.

So, the ice bucket challenge? It belongs with all the other challenges that make Vine and YouTube funnier places. But ALS needs your financial and volunteer support. Think about it.



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  1. I could not agree more, Kim-Lee. The message behind this latest “challenge” seems to be a twist on the old “Go Soak Your Head,” method of put-down.


    1. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

      Glad to know I’m not the only one! I have had a few attacks from the opposite viewpoint elsewhere on social media (lol) and was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who sees it for what it is.


      1. kayceejaykendall says:

        That’s fine by me. We can both sit here on the banks of the river Reality, watching the head-soakers enjoy their breakfast in their own way. In the long run, we will have the last laugh. 🙂

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      2. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

        Lol! Well said.


  2. Even though it raises much needed money for ALS I thought the challenge was kind of silly until I read why an ice bucket is involved. People with ALS eventually progress to a point where the majority of their body is numb to feeling so the extreme coldness of ice water is supposed to make people have some awareness of what people with ALS feel like at that point by numbing their own bodies with ice. Unfortunately I think that message has been lost along the way (including when my own children were nominated and did it)!


    1. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

      That is the most sensible reason I have heard to date, Ariel. I like that. But yes, the meaning has been lost, especially on the younger ones, so it’s just a game to them now. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing your point of view!


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