Yes, it's okay to procrastinate. Here's why …


We’ve been trained to see that as a bad word when it comes to many things.

Now, the truth is, you really don’t want to say that too frequently, or else you will find that weeks pass and you have no work done, and sadly, no motivation either.

However, trying to cram everything into one day just isn’t very healthy either. 

Balance is very important to a happy life.

If you find that you can’t seem to buckle down and get a particular thing done, just switch to something else for a while. It’ll  give your mind a chance to relax without getting no work done altogether.

If you’re under a tight deadline, however, and must get something done today, do light exercise for a few minutes to get your mind back into high gear. Also, stay hydrated. A dried out body = a dried out mind.

It really is okay to stop and smell the roses. Don’t rush so much.



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  1. In all honesty, can I say that I do my best work when I’m procrastinating? I mean, sure, it might not be the work I set out to do…but procrastinating me is absolutely genius! Haha… =P


    1. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

      Lola, you and me both. I work very well under pressure. Even when I have 3 weeks to complete a project, I usually get most of it done in the last few days before deadline. It’s invigorating! What are you procrastinating on now? I’m supposed to finish compiling my poetry book. :p eh, tomorrow.

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      1. Me? Oh, nothing too important. You know, just…life. Ha!


      2. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

        Haha! I feel you. 😉

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  2. P.S. I definitely know what you mean. If I start something early I will end up restarting 12 times. The finished product will invariably be the one I started the day before it was due. So, really, what’s the point in starting early??


    1. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

      My thoughts exactly. I like the way you think. 😉

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