5 Reasons To Use Instagram For Business

Every day I meet people who feel that Instagram is just for high school kids with nothing to do. The thing is, you’ll find these kids on every network, but that doesn’t mean that the entire platform has no business potential.

Instagram doesn’t use words to communicate, and there are 5 reasons I’ve come up with as to why you and your business should be on Instagram. 

  1. You’re forced to be creative. Instagram is totally visual. You have something to say? A picture is worth a thousand words.
  2. It helps to humanize your business. When you’re a health and fitness trainer and you post up a picture of you eating an avocado or biting into a juicy cucumber, people see you as a real, living, breathing person they can relate to. 
  3. People buy from people. See # 2.
  4. Hashtags are your best friend. Instagram may seem like foolishness if you haven’t yet learned that the key to getting your photos noticed on a large scale by Instagram is to share often and add relevant and follow-friendly hashtags to all your photos.
  5. You can update it anywhere, anytime, from the palm of your hand. Instagram is totally mobile-operated. So if you see something interesting, or something is going on around the office that you want to share, do it! You can share instant video too.

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