How Being Left-Handed Made Me Appreciate the Little Things More

As a leftie, I have come to appreciate things that the right-handed world will never have to face. Oh, and please note: this post is completely for fun and my sarcastic sense of humor isn’t intended to hurt a soul. 

  • I carry my own pen to the bank nowadays. The struggle of using the ones attached with a very short chain to the counter on the right side is just too real.
  • Ice cream? I use a regular old spoon. Why are all these mechanical ice cream scoops made with the lever on the right side? Putting it on the back would be nice!
  • Pens with parts that can be unscrewed, unscrew themselves as I write. Aaargh!
  • Those chairs with a tiny desk firmly attached to the right side. Sigh. 
  • Grabbed a pair of scissors at a friend’s home, only to wince in pain from trying to get a decent grip in holes made to accommodate my other (less useful) hand.
  • People ask me, “are you left-handed?” No. I’m just here… holding my pencil in my left hand… for no reason.
  • Spiral notebooks. With the spirals on the left. (Bless the ones with the spirals on the top).
  • “Omg! I heard leftie’s are super smart.” Smart enough to know that sometimes it’s best to just stop talking.
  • Playing “bump that elbow” with righty friends. Worst game ever.
  • Having to show someone handwritten notes. “Oh, pardon the smudges. I’m left-handed …yeah, yeah it sucks.”
  • I am the queen of reading measurements off an upside-down measuring tape.
  • My hand is normally half covered in lead and tiny ink marks. No chill.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Right ON! LOL (sorry, couldn’t resist!)


    1. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

      LOL! No resisting necessary. 😉


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