The 1 reason why you can't find a job.

If you have seen as many bad resumes as I have, then you know exactly what I’m going to say in the rest of this post.

Your resume is your passport to a new job, or even a new career. It’s your sales pitch; your message to the potential customer: the employer. If your message is unclear, or worse, inaccurate, you won’t be hired or even taken seriously.

Writing an effective resume isn’t something everyone is good at, so if you’re finding that your best efforts aren’t working out, you may need the help.

In my past experience, I have revised countless resumes by looking for inconsistencies, grammatical errors, and repetition, and rephrasing or correcting to make the best impression.

I took style, layout and font into consideration to ensure that each resume wasn’t too cluttered or too bare.

I was thrilled every time clients wrote me back saying they finally got interviews, or even better, a new job, thanks to the effort I put into helping them stand out from the competition.

Think of applying for a job as similar to auditions at a voice competition. The spots normally go to the most confident, creative singers who found some way to leave a positive and lasting impression on the judges.

If you resume looks run of the mill and your cover letter doesn’t bring out the amazing, talented person you are, no one will know.

And most employers aren’t going to take the time to pull it out of you. Shine now!

Contact me for help with yours, if needed.


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