How Trigger Point Therapy Made Me a Better Writer

Writer’s have a tendency to develop horrible posture. Hours of work in bad chairs, sofas and even bed will do a number on your neck, back and fingers.

Then I met James.

So I had really bad knots and pains in my shoulders, but I had gotten so used to ignoring them that I thought they would always be there. You know how it is. “A little pain is good!” Yeah right. Anyway, James is a personal trainer, fitness expert and a good friend of mine. We were chatting one day, and somehow my the topic of my work-related pain came up.

This man said that trigger point therapy would likely help. I was slouching halfway in my chair, with a blank look on my face. “What exactly is trigger point therapy?” I don’t remember the scientific explanation, but I don’t like pain, so I decided to go for it.

I’m not joking when I tell you that within a few seconds I felt the tension being released from my neck and shoulder muscles. He spent about 5 minutes on each shoulder. Right away I felt almost no tension and my shoulders and neck felt nice and loose, free and flexible. It was a total WOW moment. I turned my head from side to side, stretched, and tried certain movements that I thought were naturally a bit painful.

All completely pain free.

He told me that I had a lot of tension and stiffness in my muscle, especially my left shoulder muscle. It was true …I normally had the most pain in that shoulder and tended to placed most of my weight on that side.

I got back to work on my projects and it was crazy. My mind felt clearer, my fingers and arms didn’t hurt, and I was able to get twice as much done before my usual break time.

James is currently the only personal trainer providing trigger point therapy in Toronto, and if you are anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario), I would strongly suggest you give this man a call. He is AMAZING at what he does.

So, guys, here is a very easy task. Just 3 steps:

(1) sit back

(2) relax

(3) visit his website

Oh yeah… (4) tell us what you think.

I can’t wait for my next session!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. I thought you were going somewhere totally different with this. “Trigger-point” therapy sounds like an “offer you no canna refuse!” To paraphrase from “Get Shorty,” it would go something like, “I’m gonna get a gun, point it at her head and say, write that paper, now -or you’re dead!” I could imagine that kind of proposal would light a fire under ANY writer. Anyway, I’m glad it took on a different path to “Nerve -ana!”


    1. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

      LOL! Kaycee, I must say I really look forward to your comment. I had a feeling someone was going to think that’s where the post was going. Your version sounds like it would make an awesome story though….hmmmm.


      1. Thanks, Kim-Lee. I too, look forward to your posts. You have a good ear for compelling topics and you give your readers much to comment on. I tell my friends to look for your postings as well. Keep up the good works.


      2. Kim-Lee (Your Writing Lady) says:

        You’re welcome Kaycee, and thank you! I appreciate that.


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