A moment of silence to remember Robin Williams.

My favorite memory of Robin Williams was as Mrs. Doubtfire, which I’ve watched over and over again. I am so sad to hear the news of his passing, I can hardly find the words to say. Depression wraps it’s cold fingers around the best of us, and it’s heartwrenching that it seems this wonderfully talented man of joy and laughter may have decided he had enough. Please, a moment of silence to remember 63 years of a precious life. RIP Robin. You’ll be greatly missed. 

Robin Williams


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  1. My favorite role of Mr. Williams, was as Adrian Kronauer, in “Good Morning Viet Nam!” But my favorite part of “Doubtfire,” was when he was sitting in front of the humorless unemployment agent, trying to convince her that he was funny. Somehow, given the tortured life that he lived, that image burns deep into my psyche. This was more than a “drive-by fruiting,” this was the falling away of a great timber in a forest of nearly extinct trees. This one cannot be replaced. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.


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