25 things to do on your day off.

1. Make a giant homemade banana split and enjoy it on the front porch.
2. Call an old friend and go out for tea/coffee/lemonade.
3. Get in the shower and sing like no one could ever hear you.
4. Sit cross-legged on the floor and ponder the mysteries of the universe.
5. Visit a local restaurant and try something you don’t recognize on the menu.
6. Sleep.
7. Find a homeless person and buy them a delicious sandwich.
8. Surprise your mother with a dozen pink roses.
9. Buy yourself a gift for no reason.
10. Watch the entire first and second season of Orange is the New Black.
11. Go to the gym. For once.
12. Try making a cake.
13. Take all your old clothes to Goodwill.
14. Do the Coca Cola and Mentos rocket experiment.
15. Call your significant other and annoy them with random musings about your day.
16. Go shopping with the girls.
17. Play ball with the boys.
18. Stand naked in the mirror and wonder what went wrong/how you got so good-looking.
19. Clean your %@%#(% room.
20. Download another 100 songs to your iPod.
21. Listen to music and dance like King Kong.
22. Find a dark, dark closet and pretend to go ghosthunting. (You’ll find one).
23. Try to read a book. Just one book. Sheesh.
24. Be vegan for the day.
25. Go online and start a blog about what to do on your day off.


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