Don't judge a writer by her fashion sense.

Fashion Clothing“People expect me to wear conservative colors, bifocals and have a notepad glued to my palms.”  She glanced out the window, nibbling her nails. “I feel stifled, it’s not who I am. I’m a writer but I don’t dig the accountant and lawyer look.”

I’m surprised she even used the word “dig”, given that she allows society to dictate her actions so much. My friend is a writer, like myself, but she and I are worlds apart in our view on what a writer should look like.

Writers are often portrayed in movies, TV shows, and other media as conservative and fairly boring with a questionable fashion sense. In the real world, many writers assume this look because they feel that is the only way they will be taken seriously.

Perhaps this is so because we make it so? I enjoy both aristocratic and dramatic clothing styles. I’ll trade the smart suit or casual office wear for bright, bold colours and exaggerated lines any day.

Confidence is key.

I find my dramatic days actually help my work as a writer. No one comments about muted, conservative outfits, but a daring use of color or unusual jewelry tend to make great conversation starters that could lead to more business!

So my fellow writers, shake off your fear to be yourself and create your personal statement. Keep it tasteful, and make a SPLASH!


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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    Great post!! I’m not a writer myself, but I can totally sympathize with the annoying feeling of being jammed into a cultural mold. freeing yourself is so liberating 😀


    1. Kim-Lee says:

      It certainly is. I find no thought more dreadful than that of having to be someone other than me for the rest of my life, lol. Thanks for the feedback!


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