How to sooth a client when you've messed up.

My last editing project was very informative, but much to my dismay, I was unable to complete it all by the exact time I had quoted.

What to do? Well I could just send it late and hope he didn’t complain, but that’s not how I do business. I sent everything that was already finished on time, and explained why I would be late with the rest.

Then I did what would probably save me from losing a client. At the due time, I had 8 pages outstanding that were not yet complete.

When I sent those remaining pages, I added a note in the email with a special code for my client to save and quote the next time he had a paper, promising him 8 pages of editing completely free of charge.

And that, children, is how its done. Better to lose a few dollars than to loose a whole customer.

Peace, love, and pencil points.

this post was written by a mad Canadian writer. Awesome, eh?


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